This page provides answers to some general, frequently asked questions. If you need user or development specific questions please contact the LEOWorks developing team at < leoworks_support @ terrasigna.com >.

Q: What types of satellite images does Leoworks 4.0 support?

A: Leoworks 4.0 supports both optical and radar satellite images.

Q: Does Leoworks 4.0 support vector GIS data?

A: Leoworks 4.0 is able to load, display, query and export GIS data in ESRI Shapefile format.

Q: On what platforms can I use Leoworks 4.0?

A: Leoworks 4.0 is is platform independent. It can run on Windows, Linux or Mac OSX Leopard or any other platform supporting the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) 1.5 or newer.