New Release of LEOWorks 4 - version 4.3.0

28 January 2019


A new version (4.3.0) of the ESA Earth Observation (EO) educational software, LEOWorks 4, has been released and is available in the Download section.

LEOWorks 4.3.0 - Change log:

[Functionality issues] In shapefile subset there is no "I don't know" as option for Projection coordinates.

[New Community Requests] Multisensor data fusion (between coregistered images from different sensors).

[Functionality issues] Optimization of graphical scale size in map composer.

[New Community Requests] GIS - Create a set of symbols to be selected for point layers.

[New Community Requests] GIS - Create graduated and\or proportional symbols for point, line and polygon layers.

[New Community Requests] Zoom functionality in map composer (including scale zooming).

[New Community Requests] Display of geo coordinates changeable depending on the window size (map composer).

The LEOWorks change logs and new versions evolutions are available in the Bugtrack application here.